Dealpath Launches Gantt Chart Support For Deal Management and Pipeline Tracking

Dealpath Platform

The Dealpath platform has received a major upgrade with the addition of Gantt charts, a widely requested feature designed to further streamline deal management and keep large-scale acquisitions and development projects on track.

Gantt charts are the industry standard for project management. They intuitively visualize project schedules and track the amount of production completed for each task. For commercial real estate project managers, underwriters, and due diligence managers — who routinely perform complex, task-based work — Gantt charts are invaluable.

In addition to the traditional list view, customers can now access Dealpath Gantt charts, which are automatically generated using your pre-existing task information.

The Gantt display comes with the same customizable features of the traditional task manager view, including the ability to filter and restrict access, create ad hoc tasks, and set critical dates. In addition, users can modify due dates, start dates, and task durations directly within the Gantt display. Users can further customize the interface by toggling between different duration displays. All the information contained in the Gantt charts is easily retrievable by exporting in .pdf or Excel formats.

Commercial real estate investing relies on the efficient management of complex tasks and the timely delivery of important documents and assignments. The new Gantt view provides a quick-and-easy way to visualize deal progress and track critical dates. This helps CRE investment teams keep projects on track and efficiently handle bigger and more complex deals.

Implementing Gantt charts does not require any additional purchases or upgrades. If you wish to use the new Gantt view, contact your customer success manager. If you aren’t yet a Dealpath customer, we’d love to show you how Gantt charts work seamlessly with Dealpath’s pipeline tracking and automated reporting. Book a demo here to get a full tour of Gantt charts and the rest of the Dealpath platform.