3 Reasons to Adopt Real Estate Deal Management Software

deal management

This blog post was last updated on Thursday, August 4th. In a market where speed and scale mean everything, your firm’s deal team needs to be able to react to new opportunities quickly, thoughtfully and strategically. Unfortunately, old-school communication methods like spreadsheets, emails, physical documents and phone calls rarely convey the information investors need to […]

Drop a Pin To Locate a New Deal or Property in Dealpath

drop a pin

When your firm receives information about an opportunity without a readily available address, adding it to your pipeline might require guesswork. Did you know that you can simply drop a pin to locate a new deal or property’s coordinates in Dealpath–even when raw land lacks a registered address? In this blog post, we’ll review how […]

CRE Tech: 9 Essential Solutions for a Digital Transformation

cre tech

In today’s fast-paced market, the most lucrative opportunities go to the firms that can identify, vet and execute on them the fastest. Often, that means the firm with the best CRE tech stack will beat the competition. According to Foursquare’s study, 60% of commercial real estate professionals have difficulty making decisions and keeping pace with […]

How to Find Commercial Real Estate Cap Rates (Formula)

commercial real estate cap rate

One way to evaluate a pipeline acquisition property’s income-generating potential is by calculating its commercial real estate cap rate. The commercial real estate cap rate of a property offers a glimpse into both the risk and return, helping investors to predict how it will fare compared to other similar market properties. In other words, the cap […]

What Is Proptech? Understanding Commercial Real Estate Technology

what is proptech

This blog post was last updated on Wednesday, July 6th. It’s no surprise that real estate, as the world’s largest asset class, offers ample opportunity for institutional investors and individuals willing to pursue it. Even as new trends emerge, like the shift to remote and hybrid working, real estate maintains its importance as a fixture […]

Real Estate Data Analytics: 6 Key Drivers of Investment Insights

real estate analytics

This blog post was last updated on Wednesday, June 29th. The commercial real estate investment management industry is transacting faster than ever, and the ready availability of data has played no small role in this ongoing transformation. Data has been at the CRE industry’s core for decades; firms have always collected and analyzed data to […]

5 Operational Inefficiencies That Slow Deal Flow & How to Solve Them

operational inefficiencies

To grow top-line revenue and deliver investor returns, investment management teams must review every deal relevant to their goals in a data-driven, and ideally, efficient manner. But with numerous deal screening, underwriting and due diligence processes to follow, it’s not uncommon for deals to lose momentum as teams juggle priorities. Building efficiencies to manage ongoing […]

Real Estate Investment Management Software: Definitive 2022 Guide

real estate investment management software

This post was last updated on Wednesday, June 15th. Commercial real estate has become an increasingly tech-driven industry, as new tools open doors that many investors never knew existed. In response to this ongoing digital proptech transformation, industry leaders are seeking a competitive, data-driven edge, powered by technology. For institutional real estate investors, real estate […]

How to Calculate the Internal Rate of Return on Commercial Properties

internal rate of return

From cap rates to yield on cost, CRE investment managers measure their pipelines and portfolios with numerous metrics. None, however, offer more direct insight into a deal’s profitability than the internal rate of return. The internal rate of return is a metric that investors rely on to understand the rate at which an investment’s value […]

Connor Mortland Fireside Chat: Doubling Deals Reviewed & Under Contract

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Across debt and equity groups, enterprise and lean investment firms, and all markets, deal management software has proven its mettle in the real estate world as a driving force behind top-line revenue growth. With real-time pipeline visibility and standardized workflows, firms can make faster, more efficient data-driven decisions. One such firm is Avanath Capital Management, […]

Introducing Task Approvals: Request, Approve & Track Tasks in Dealpath

Dealpath task approvals

Real estate deal teams are tasked with managing sophisticated workflows throughout the deal lifecycle, including numerous approvals from various stakeholders. With Dealpath’s new Task Approvals feature, teams can now request, approve and track tasks, all in one place. Read on to learn more about how managing Task Approvals directly in Dealpath empowers deal teams to […]

Building a Baseline in Dealpath: 7 Metrics that Matter

metrics that matter

Portfolio growth is one of the clearest signals of success for commercial real estate investment managers, but it’s far from the only metric that you can look to for performance insights. You can’t manage what you can’t measure, which means firms that are reliant on generic project management tools and Excel for pipeline tracking often […]