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How to Fit Tech Into Your Budget Planning

Welcome to September! Summer’s over and it’s time to send kids back to school (whether remote or in-person this year), double down on Q4 efforts and begin planning for 2021! While the upcoming year will be unlike any other in terms of our work environments, some things will never change. For one, we’ll need to […]

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How to Win Pipeline With Dealpath in Today’s Remote Working Environment

Due to COVID-19, real estate investment teams have adopted working at home as the new normal. In order to get deals done, stay ahead of the competition and prepare for market shifts, now more than ever, modern Investment Managers are realizing the value of having Dealpath to monitor their deals and seamlessly keep their business […]

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Pragmatic in a Time of Uncertainty

Dealpath hopes that you, your family, your teams, and community are healthy and safe in these unusual times.  We’re impressed by the thoughtful responses we’re seeing in this trying business environment, with top real estate investment firms adjusting with agility, resilience, and opportunities. Given the unique challenges of these uncertain times, Dealpath has prepared a […]

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Three Success Factors for Remote Work

Rapid changes in the business environment are causing many teams to adjust to remote work, evolve processes, and establish new ways of collaborating. We’ve created this brief one-page summary to share how Dealpath’s functionality aligns with Gartner’s 3 Success Factors for remote work – Open Communication, Transparency, and Collaboration.   Follow us on LinkedIn for […]

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[White Paper] Real Estate Tech Stack – Build vs. Buy Analysis With Exclusive Insights

As the real estate industry is in the midst of a technology adoption wave and digital transformation, your firm is likely actively evaluating the best software solutions to stay ahead of the game. A common and inevitable question with critical implications is – Do we buy a software solution “off-the-shelf” or build it custom in-house? […]

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Key Differences Between CRM and Real Estate Deal Management

A common question and costly source of confusion when researching software solutions for your firm is understanding the important differences between Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Real Estate Deal Management.  To put it simply, CRM systems are designed to track contacts in the form of people and companies through sales stages internally, whereas Real Estate […]

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Collaboration in real estate

How to Achieve Frictionless Collaboration in Real Estate

Effective, efficient, and smart collaboration are critical to the success of any real estate deal. You have to coordinate seamlessly between team members and a host of third parties, including attorneys, brokers, consultants, architects, escrow officers, and more. For successful collaboration in real estate, all parties need to be in constant communication and performing in lock-step. […]

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How to streamline a real estate deal

Rinse and Repeat: How to Streamline Real Estate Deals

The details of every deal are unique, and each transaction carries a life of its own. However, while the properties are distinct, the process you go through to acquire or develop these assets often follows a similar pattern. From sourcing and underwriting through due diligence and closing, the steps are generally predictable. There’s no need […]

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Evaluating CRE Software

8 Questions You Need to Ask When Evaluating CRE Software

Commercial real estate investment firms are increasingly benefitting from a rich landscape of purpose-built software tools, but sorting through the myriad of options can be overwhelming. In order to find the best solution to your challenges, it is critical that you ask the right questions and have the right players involved. At Dealpath, we’ve worked […]

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Software adoption

5 Best Practices for CRE Software Adoption

CRE investment firms are increasingly benefitting from a rich and maturing landscape of specialized software tools. But in order to unlock that new value, firms also need to be proficient at the complex, time-consuming, and often costly process of software adoption. By adopting new software and learning to adapt to new processes, companies can capitalize […]

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