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Tune In: Dealpath & REFI Webinar

Happening this week: Dealpath’s CEO and co-founder, Mike Sroka, will join industry experts to discuss technology in the property market as a part of REFI’s Global webinar, titled “Technology in the property market.” The webinar will be hosted by Anna-Marie Beal, Reporter at REFI Global. Panelists include Robbert Heekelaar, Vice President of  IT Architecture and Emerging Technologies […]

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How to Fit Tech Into Your Budget Planning

Welcome to September! Summer’s over and it’s time to send kids back to school (whether remote or in-person this year), double down on Q4 efforts and begin planning for 2021! While the upcoming year will be unlike any other in terms of our work environments, some things will never change. For one, we’ll need to […]

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The New KPIs for High-performance Real Estate Investors

In the world of real estate investing, decisions are sometimes made by the gut as much as the brain. But successful, long-term investments have to be backed by data, actionable intelligence, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). High-performance investment teams have to quantify their progress and be willing to adapt according to the data. BPM recently […]

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CRE Events in 2017

The Top Commercial Real Estate Events of 2017

Taking time off work to attend events isn’t easy, not to mention the cost of travel and registration. But with insider access to emerging research and the opportunity to forge new relationship with industry leaders, the right event can yield immeasurable returns. In that vein, we’ve compiled the top commercial real estate events of 2017! […]

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How to Use Technology to Manage Your Real Estate Deal Pipeline

Managing your commercial real estate deal pipeline is a critical aspect of the firm, yet effective pipeline tracking and collaboration often prove to be a difficult task. CRE teams often create and utilize a pipeline tracking report, typically an Excel spreadsheet file, to track the deals they are currently prospecting and actively acquiring. Through this […]

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McKinsey Survey Results on Collaboration and Implications for CRE Deal Teams

The commercial real estate industry is big business and talk of technology and innovation seems to have hit a peak with buzzwords and topics like AI, autonomous automobiles, and blockchain. No doubt these are interesting and critical topics for CRE but there is a undercurrent in the commercial real estate landscape that is overlooked. By […]

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8 Features for Deal Management Software

Technology has come a long way in the last decade. We’ve now got smartphones, Google Maps (remember MapQuest?), Twitter, YouTube, cloud storage, and electric cars. Yet, when it comes to the commercial real estate and deal management, things haven’t come along at the same pace. While the processes to find, evaluate, and close deals remain […]

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