Streamline Real Estate Acquisitions & Pipeline With Deal Management Software

Systemize Data-Driven Investment and Scale Deal Flow with Configurable, Team-Specific Workflows

Centralize Deal Data and Files for Faster Execution and Real-Time Visibility

Manually entering deal data, assigning tasks, and tracking deadlines for new deals consumes significant time–time that’s better spent on deal execution. Grow your portfolio by sourcing, managing, tracking and executing on your real estate acquisitions pipeline with Dealpath, the deal management software that centralizes deal data to streamline the investment process. As real estate’s first purpose-built, cloud-based acquisitions software for deal management, Dealpath empowers leading investment management firms to invest efficiently with clear pipeline visibility, simplified collaborative workflows and powerful data-driven analytics.

Create Repeatable Deal Workflows & Gain Visibility Into Pipeline Deals

Stop sifting through spreadsheets to track deals and create new ones. Using Dealpath, your team can easily add, manage, track and execute on deals as they unfold in real time. 

Standardize deal workflow templates

based on factors like location, property types and more for turnkey execution, including automated workflows

Dynamically source deals

by importing Excel spreadsheets and mapping data fields based on custom, firm-defined fields

Analyze deals

using proprietary data and historical comps in the same market based on intuitive filters

Manage and assign tasks

to both internal and external team members directly within the platform to remain ahead of deadlines

Automate real-time pipeline

and market-specific reports and dashboards to easily track deals in all stages

Centralize deal data, files,

communications and other information for full visibility across your organization

Execute on Deals Quickly and Efficiently With Dealpath

“Dealpath centralizes all of the information we need to hold quick, efficient and thorough meetings to review deals with our executive team, regional partners and international investors. We can look at interior and aerial images of the building, due diligence checklists, surveys, environmental reports and other files. Using Dealpath, we can make important decisions on significant deals from the office, our homes, hotels, and even the front seat of a car because the platform allows us to easily communicate deal information that investors need to know.”

Tim Walsh
Partner, Chief Investment Officer
Dermody Properties

Add Precision, Speed & Scalability to Real Estate Acquisitions & Pipeline With Deal Management Software

The more tools involved in managing your acquisitions pipeline, the more time it takes for teams to identify where deals stand and move them forward. Hiring additional analysts might offset some of the workload, but adding another set of eyes won’t simplify the long investment process or reduce the potential for errors.

Give your team the tools to work more efficiently and close deals by leveraging purpose-built real estate deal management software for acquisitions and pipeline management. With Dealpath fueling your acquisitions process, your team can leverage repeatable and automated workflows that save time, creating the holistic visibility they need to make strategic investment decisions. Cutting out hours of time spent managing each deal, your team can review more deals as you scale your investment process.

Redefine the way your investment management team analyzes deals with a filterable database that makes it easy to pull in relevant proprietary data, in combination with integrated third-party data sets, for turnkey deal analysis. Directly within Dealpath, you can harness your data’s full power to identify insights and arrive at the right strategic investment decisions faster than ever:

  • Compare cap rates leveraging proprietary data on pipeline deals
  • Analyze deals based on historical comps in similar markets, as well as third-party data
  • Generate market-specific reports in seconds to identify current and emerging trends

See How Dealpath’s Configurable Cloud-Based Platform Can Revolutionize Your Process

Schedule a demo now to see the platform in action.

First, we’ll review your current workflows to understand how deals are flowing and identify any bottlenecks that might be creating inefficiencies. Then, we’ll demonstrate how Dealpath can add structure, predictability and visibility to your process to remove those operational bottlenecks, resulting in streamlined and simplified deal flow.

Fully configurable based on your needs, Dealpath’s acquisition and pipeline management software includes a Dealpath-led implementation process managed by a world-class customer success team. Your investment process won’t skip a beat.

5 of the Top 10 Real Estate Investment Firms Manage Their Deals in Dealpath

From enterprise clients like Blackstone, Oxford Properties and AEW with billions in assets under management to 15-person powerhouse investment management teams, Dealpath removes growth barriers by enabling accountability, productivity and efficiency for firms focused on acquisition, disposition, development and lending.

Trusted by Blackstone Real Estate

The Blackstone Real Estate team relies on Dealpath to preserve and leverage institutional data by building reports, comparing deals, and more. Learn more about how Dealpath empowers Blackstone to invest at a global scale in the video below.

"Dealpath gives us the opportunity to take in all kinds of data related to our acquisitions, and then utilize it in a very efficient and seamless manner across our entire real estate business."
Jacob Werner
Senior Managing Director, Real Estate at Blackstone

Can You Efficiently and Confidently Track Your Acquisitions Pipeline?

Every new deal represents an opportunity to grow your portfolio, but many real estate investment management teams lack the standardized data required for scalable processes. Team members take the time to manually enter data, which is often lost or out-of-date. The result: teams work harder, and often perform the same tasks twice.

Many real estate investment teams lack the standardized data necessary for scalable deals. As a result, analysts take the time to manually enter deal data for each deal, and at every stage in the process, without a template to scale from. Unfortunately, this valuable institutional data is often lost or out-of-date. The result: teams work harder, and often perform the same tasks twice.

There’s a better way to leverage your deal data in the investment process.

As you source, execute and reject new deals, Dealpath programmatically cultivates a proprietary database of deal comps to create actionable, instantly accessible market intelligence, allowing your team to systematically strategize on every investment decision. Using Dealpath, your team can work quickly, efficiently and collaboratively to rule out the wrong deals and execute on the best ones, powered by configurable workflows and real-time data analytics.

Over $ 0 Trillion
Transactions Evaluated

Using Dealpath’s data analysis and reporting capabilities, users have evaluated over $10 trillion in investment transactions and counting.

Security You Can Trust

Dealpath is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and committed to delivering secure, resilient and highly available cloud-native applications and data services to our clients.

Thousands of

Active Users

Every day, thousands of professionals from leading investment management firms rely on Dealpath to track real-time deal progress. 

Adopting new technology can streamline your deal analysis and investment process, but that doesn’t mean you have to overhaul your workflows. This white paper will help you understand how you can augment your existing pipeline process by strategically onboarding the right technology, affording your team more bandwidth in the process.

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