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Manage, Execute and Report on All Real Estate Investment Deals In One Platform

Managing commercial real estate deals is no simple task. Investment managers must track relevant data, files, task owners and documents to build reports and execute on deals. When fragmented deal information lives across spreadsheets, project management software, email inboxes and other platforms, that can be a challenge that consumes significant time.

Start managing all of your real estate investment deals in Dealpath, a single platform that tracks real estate deal data from acquisition to disposition. Dealpath provides the visibility required to easily identify where deals stand and the connectivity to execute on them. Record deal data throughout the investment cycle, identify upcoming tasks and assignees, seamlessly collaborate across teams, automate reporting, and prioritize closing deals to grow your portfolio.

The Deal Management Software Your Real Estate Investment Firm Needs to Invest at Scale

Dealpath isn’t just another pipeline tracker or project management software. It’s the deal management tool that:

Standardizes complex processes in repeatable workflows

Holds team members accountable to deadlines

Simplifies data-driven deal analysis with proprietary data

Aggregates data, documents and communications at the property level

Provides real-time visibility into deals and data

Generates market and pipeline reports in 3 clicks

"We explored several deal tracking solutions but nothing else came close to what Dealpath has delivered. The robust platform and ability to customize to our needs has significantly increased collaboration and efficiency within our teams. It's truly made our lives so much easier"
Holden Latimer
VP of Acquisitions, Asset Management & Dispositions Bridge Investment Group

Execute on Deals Quickly
and Efficiently With Dealpath

The real estate investment process is complex, scattered, and long- winded. Dealpath’s
deal management platform has changed that for thousands of investors.

Dealpath is the configurable platform that standardizes your investment process and
turns your data into your competitive advantage.



Streamline your deal flow by standardizing complicated processes to create clear, repeatable workflows organized by deal type.



Introduce configurable and automated workflows across Acquisitions, Dispositions, Development, and Lending, including a seamless process for transferring deal data.



Save time and boost team efficiency by keeping all data, communications and files associated with every deal readily available, with new updates instantly reflected.



Sort deals by any category defined in your configurable instance, including filters like property type, size, cost, and more.



Gain real-time visibility into pipeline flow and crucial dates in the closing process that help you plot your team’s next moves.



Systematically leverage data-driven insights based on property type, location, and other filters to see everything your data is telling you, without spending hours to arrive there.

Real Estate Investment Software Powering Every Step of Your Deal Management Process

Real estate investing is complicated. Why leave teams to use siloed systems when they can accomplish everything they need to across a single platform that standardizes data?
Dealpath makes it easy for teams to work in sync as they manage every aspect of the investment cycle.


Source, vet, analyze and execute on new pipeline acquisitions using collaborative workflows that enable you to confidently manage your pipeline, maintaining a clean system of record on new and dead deals.


Leveraging acquisitions data, monitor existing assets and market trends to easily identify and execute on selling opportunities, including previously complex due diligence processes.


Maintain oversight on every building development project to easily identify upcoming and outstanding tasks, collaborate with external partners on deliverables, and meet time-sensitive deadlines.


Expedite offers, generate turnkey investor and pipeline reports, and access untapped broker and borrower analytics by sourcing, underwriting and originating debt deals using templatized checklists.

Your Pipeline Is Always Evolving. Can You Manage It Quickly & Efficiently?

The more tools your team relies on to manage deals, the more challenging and time-consuming it can be to execute on next steps. Give your team the real estate investment software they need to simplify day-to-day tasks and institutionalize valuable deal data:

  • Derive insights about markets, brokers, deal lifecycles and more
  • Generate reports with disparate data sets
  • Identify trends in and across target markets
  • Compare pipeline cap rates against historical market data
  • Easily locate deal documents, such as environmental reports
  • Track pipeline deals and ensure details are up-to-date

When your team manually performs any of these tasks, it distracts them from what matters most: closing the right deals. With purpose-built deal management software automating and centralizing your process, your team can close more deals to grow your portfolio.

From pipeline to portfolio management, Dealpath serves as your command center, the single source of truth that provides vetted, real-time deal information across the investment process .

5 of the Top 10 Real Estate Investment Firms Manage Their Deals in Dealpath

From enterprise clients like Blackstone, Oxford Properties and AEW with billions in assets under management to 15-person powerhouse investment management teams, Dealpath removes growth barriers by enabling accountability, productivity and efficiency for firms focused on acquisition, disposition, development and lending.

Over $ 0 Trillion
Transactions Evaluated

Using Dealpath’s data analysis and reporting capabilities, users have evaluated over $10 trillion in investment transactions and counting.

Security You Can Trust

Dealpath is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and committed to delivering secure, resilient and highly available cloud-native applications and data services to our clients.

Thousands of

Active Users

Every day, thousands of professionals from leading investment management firms rely on Dealpath to track real-time deal progress. 

Trusted by Blackstone Real Estate

The Blackstone Real Estate team relies on Dealpath to preserve and leverage institutional data by building reports, comparing deals, and more. Learn more about how Dealpath empowers Blackstone to invest at a global scale in the video below.

"Dealpath gives us the opportunity to take in all kinds of data related to our acquisitions, and then utilize it in a very efficient and seamless manner across our entire real estate business."
Jacob Werner
Senior Managing Director, Real Estate at Blackstone

Make Dealpath Your Command Center By Integrating Industry Standard Technologies

Switching from one tool to the next creates unnecessary friction in your real estate investment processes. Easily find the data, files and other information you need to start collaborating on deals faster by integrating best-in-class commercial real estate tools directly into Dealpath.

Seamlessly access lease comps, sale comps, and deal property details from CompStak.
Track investment performance and investor relations without redundant data entry.
Dealpath automatically generates the most up-to-date demographic, business and sales data.
Access Dealpath with a single, secure login.
Access Dealpath with a single, secure login.
Dealpath was built on top of the Box platform allowing for easy uploading and viewing of deal files directly in Dealpath.
Upload files directly from your Dropbox account into Dealpath.
Seamlessly import and export data between Excel and Dealpath.
Integrate single sign-on (SSO) with your custom SAML 2.0 solution.
Leading global advisory firm specializing in operational and digital transformation.

Stop Scratching the Surface of Your Data and Recreating Every Deal

Every new deal represents an opportunity to grow your portfolio. But unless your team works in a process-driven fashion, it also means hours of manual work.

Many real estate investment teams lack the standardized data necessary for scalable deals. As a result, analysts take the time to manually enter deal data for each deal, and at every stage in the process, without a template to scale from. Unfortunately, this valuable institutional data is often lost or out-of-date. The result: teams work harder, and often perform the same tasks twice.

There’s a better way to leverage your deal data in the investment process.

Dealpath is the real estate investment platform removing friction from the investment process, giving your team the tools to work quickly, efficiently and collaboratively on closing the right deals.

Elevating your real estate investing process with end-to-end connection, Dealpath’s highly configurable platform enables you to make your data your competitive advantage throughout the investment process. 

Adopting new technology can streamline your deal analysis and investment process, but that doesn’t mean you have to overhaul your workflows. This white paper will help you understand how you can augment your existing pipeline process by strategically onboarding the right technology, affording your team more bandwidth in the process.

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