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CRE Events 2018

The Best CRE Events of 2018

As a time-pressed CRE professional, it’s not always easy to know which events are worth your time and money. At Dealpath, we’re dedicated to finding the best CRE events for you. From renowned national conferences to thought-provoking forums, learn from thought leaders, network with industry insiders, and broker deals at these can’t-miss conferences. Be sure […]

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ROI of Due Diligence

How to Optimize the ROI of Due Diligence

Information has a cost, and time is money. So what can we do to optimize the ROI of due diligence, which is both data-heavy and time-consuming? If done poorly, the cost of due diligence can outweigh any potential returns on the underlying investment, leading to lost value and bad investment decisions. Real estate investments in […]

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Dealpath in 2017

Dealpath in 2017: A Year in Review

In 2017, real estate investors and developers used the Dealpath platform to evaluate over $100 billion worth of deals and track over 1.1 million tasks. It’s been thrilling to see our customers achieve such success with Dealpath. Thanks to them, the technology is quickly establishing itself as a leader in CRE software services, and we’re […]

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SSO Launch

Dealpath Listed on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Launches Single Sign-on

The Dealpath platform will soon become the first commercial real estate software platform to be listed on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. In addition, today Dealpath launched its single sign-on (SSO) functionality and integration manager. The new listing is a testament to the growing demand for Dealpath’s intuitive deal management platform. Moreover, the new SSO and […]

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How to Navigate the CRE Tech Landscape

To date, investors have poured $33.7 billion in funding to real estate startups – up from just $2.4 billion in 2008. As a result, the CRE tech landscape has a new problem. It’s become crowded, and for many, it’s downright confusing. Given the sheer number of software services in CRE tech, their core competencies can […]

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The New KPIs for High-performance Real Estate Investors

In the world of real estate investing, decisions are sometimes made by the gut as much as the brain. But successful, long-term investments have to be backed by data, actionable intelligence, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). High-performance investment teams have to quantify their progress and be willing to adapt according to the data. BPM recently […]

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CRE Events in 2017

The 7 Greatest CRE Events in 2017

Taking time off work to attend events isn’t easy, not to mention the cost of travel and registration. But with insider access to emerging research and the opportunity to forge new relationship with industry leaders, the right event can yield immeasurable returns. In that vein, we’ve compiled the 7 greatest CRE events in 2017! 1. PERE […]

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Boxworks Dealpath

Recap of Dealpath at BoxWorks 2017

The last few days have been exciting for Dealpath as we’ve been participating in BoxWorks 2017. Last month, we announced being a Platform Partner to Box and you can learn more about the partnership in Box’s new Solutions Gallery.   We also had an opportunity to go on stage with Nathan Lam, Director of Product Marketing […]

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Dealpath Quarterly Product Recap – Fall 2017

The past few months were busy ones for the product development team at Dealpath. Pulling from both our long-term roadmap and the feedback of many customers, we’ve introduced new product features, improved our existing services and increased the overall performance of the Dealpath platform. This quarter, we focused on three areas to increase team efficiency: […]

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Five Predictions For The Great Consolidation Of CRE Tech

Note: The following is a repost from the original Forbes article. Mike is a regular contributor to Forbes.  It’s hard to believe that only three years ago the $15 trillion commercial real estate industry had virtually no software support and was vastly underserved by available technology. The opportunity to innovate in this space has been […]

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