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Dealpath and CompStak

Dealpath Enters Partnership with CompStak to Streamline CRE Investment Data Analysis

Dealpath, the leading deal management platform for real estate investment, has today announced a strategic partnership with CompStak, the nationwide provider of commercial real estate lease comps, sales data, and property information. Institutional investment teams who leverage Dealpath for pipeline tracking, collaborative deal management, and powerful reporting will now be able to automatically retrieve and […]

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CRE News Sources

The Top Sources For CRE News

With major M&A activity in commercial real estate, the rise of coworking and real estate blockchain, and the influx of new CRE tech companies, the CRE industry is in the midst of an transformation. It takes a special individual to keep pace, to stay relevant, and consistently provide helpful insights. Thankfully, the CRE community is […]

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CRE Investing 2018

The State of CRE Investing in 2018: Analysis of the PwC Report

Commercial real estate (CRE) investing is entering a critical phase, according to the recently released PwC and ULI report. Emerging Trends in Real Estate: The Global Outlook 2018 is an excellent resource that deserves to be read cover-to-cover. The report analyzes the most prominent forces in global real estate, but at Dealpath we’re primarily concerned […]

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Dealpath Gantt Charts

Dealpath Launches Gantt Chart Support For Deal Management and Pipeline Tracking

The Dealpath platform has received a major upgrade with the addition of Gantt charts, a widely requested feature designed to further streamline deal management and keep large-scale acquisitions and development projects on track. Gantt charts are the industry standard for project management. They intuitively visualize project schedules and track the amount of production completed for […]

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Evaluating CRE Software

8 Questions You Need to Ask When Evaluating CRE Software

Commercial real estate investment firms are increasingly benefitting from a rich landscape of purpose-built software tools, but sorting through the myriad of options can be overwhelming. In order to find the best solution to your challenges, it is critical that you ask the right questions and have the right players involved. At Dealpath, we’ve worked […]

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Software adoption

5 Best Practices for CRE Software Adoption

CRE investment firms are increasingly benefitting from a rich and maturing landscape of specialized software tools. But in order to unlock that new value, firms also need to be proficient at the complex, time-consuming, and often costly process of software adoption. By adopting new software and learning to adapt to new processes, companies can capitalize […]

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CRE Risk Management

10 Strategies for CRE Risk Management

Commercial real estate is beginning to embrace big data, and the industry is reaping all the benefits that come with it. Yet with more data — and more value at stake — comes more risk. Data security in commercial real estate (CRE) is essential to deliver the enterprise risk management that modern institutional investors require. […]

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Best CRE events

The Best CRE Events of 2018

As a time-pressed CRE professional, it’s not always easy to know which events are worth your time and money. At Dealpath, we’re dedicated to finding the best CRE events for you. From renowned national conferences to thought-provoking forums, learn from thought leaders, network with industry insiders, and broker deals at these can’t-miss conferences. Be sure […]

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ROI of Due Diligence

How to Optimize the ROI of Due Diligence

Information has a cost, and time is money. So what can we do to optimize the ROI of due diligence, which is both data-heavy and time-consuming? If done poorly, the cost of due diligence can outweigh any potential returns on the underlying investment, leading to lost value and bad investment decisions. Real estate investments in […]

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Dealpath in 2017

Dealpath in 2017: A Year in Review

In 2017, real estate investors and developers used the Dealpath platform to evaluate over $100 billion worth of deals and track over 1.1 million tasks. It’s been thrilling to see our customers achieve such success with Dealpath. Thanks to them, the technology is quickly establishing itself as a leader in CRE software services, and we’re […]

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