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Timely Implementation Tailored to Your Firm’s Needs & Goals

Take Your Investment Processes to the Cloud in Weeks, Not Months

Your firm relies on proven processes, workflows and data protocols that have driven your success. Dealpath’s goal is to add scalability and visibility to your current process, not replace it.

During Dealpath’s white-glove implementation process, our team will configure the platform to your unique needs based on your internal processes, data sources and investment strategy, without fundamentally altering workflows.

After your firm completes implementation, your team will be managing their pipeline and workflows out of the live platform, including simplified access to real-time and historical data.



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The In-House Dealpath Implementation & Support Team

Without a knowledgeable team to provide guidance, implementing new software is a time-consuming process that distracts you from what matters most: deal execution. Dealpath handles the heavy lifting of configuring your platform for a seamless transition. Throughout the process, the Dealpath implementation team will work closely with you to standardize your processes based on unique workflows, ensuring you receive the support and direction you deserve.

As software professionals who are well-versed in commercial real estate workflows, due diligence, modeling, investment criteria, reporting needs, data, and more, the Dealpath implementation team excels in sculpting the platform to your precise requirements.

Implementation Manager

Your Implementation Manager will spearhead the implementation process, working directly with the project team to understand your business workflows and configure the platform to meet your needs.


Your Implementation Analyst will work with the Implementation Manager to handle the heavy lifting of platform configuration, including data imports, workflow creation and more.

Customer Success

Your Customer Success Manager will be your dedicated point of contact after the implementation process to answer questions, provide product updates, and assist with ongoing configuration.

Once the implementation process is complete, your Customer Success Manager will provide ongoing support as needed to maximize Dealpath’s value.

Configuring a Tailored Solution To Satisfy Internal Needs & Facilitate Existing Processes

Dealpath’s goal is to streamline your processes and workflows through a centralized platform where all your data is stored, updated and accessible in real time, giving your team the tools to collaborate without friction.

From Kick-Off to Go-Live, the Dealpath team will be here to support you.

  1.  The Dealpath team will work with your project team to understand your processes, align on expectations, and determine what a successful configuration will look like.
  2. The Dealpath team will begin the configuration process based on your data, collaboration workflows and processes. Then, they’ll review the setup with you directly in Dealpath.
  3. With the initial configuration in place, the Dealpath team will iterate on and optimize the unique instance.
  4. Before launching, both teams will work together to finalize pre-launch platform configurations and ensure that the platform meets your goals.
  5. Once the platform meets your requirements, the Dealpath team will launch the platform and train your team.

The hands-on approach ensures that you’ll go live with a robust tool that’s fully configured to your internal processes and preferences. After launch, your team will be equipped with the tools, knowledge, data and everything else required to transition your investment processes to Dealpath.

You’ll have multiple opportunities to ask questions, learn more about the platform’s capabilities and shape your instance based on your evolving needs.

Ongoing Education, Training & Configuration

Once the platform is live and your team is managing deals directly in Dealpath, you’ll begin working with a dedicated, in-house Customer Success Manager. As your needs change, your CSM will be available to:

  • Continue providing tips, sharing best practices, answering questions and offering support
  • Consistently communicate about new Dealpath changes like features, platform updates and use cases
  • Troubleshoot any issues your team may encounter
  • Coordinate ongoing platform configuration updates based on additional request


The Dealpath Implementation Process: What You Can Expect During

empowering a timely, goal-oriented transition to the cloud

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