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Dealpath Listed on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Launches Single Sign-on

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Chris Makarsky


The Dealpath platform will soon become the first commercial real estate software platform to be listed on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. In addition, today Dealpath launched its single sign-on (SSO) functionality and integration manager.

The new listing is a testament to the growing demand for Dealpath’s intuitive deal management platform. Moreover, the new SSO and integration manager optimize Dealpath for enterprise-level investment firms, as the technology continues to set the bar for productivity and data security in commercial real estate.

“As a leader in multifamily development, we take security very seriously and SSO is a critical component to how we manage our data and responsibilities,” commented John DeSantis, VP of Information Technology at Pennrose. “By integrating SSO into a deal management platform, Dealpath enables us to be more productive while reducing our risk.”

Single Sign-On

SSO allows users to sign into the Dealpath application with their company credentials, and the integration manager provides users with a centralized dashboard for their integrated applications. Combined, the new features enable greater control for IT teams and streamline the user experience.

Firms using SSO have complete control over which employees are granted access, when, and for how long. To enable SSO, Dealpath uses the SAML protocol to connect to Microsoft Azure. After the IT team establishes the connection, users simply need to authenticate it with a single click. Likewise, when an employee leaves or changes roles, their access can be immediately revoked.

Simultaneous to the Azure listing and SSO release, Dealpath is introducing an intuitive integration manager. The new dashboard will grant users additional control over Dealpath’s integrations with Google Maps, Google Street View, Google Images, Esri, Box, Dropbox, and Excel. The product team is planning a host of new integrations that can be easily enabled via the integration manager.

What’s Next?

The Dealpath mission is to equip commercial real estate professionals with best-in-class tools to streamline deal flow and mitigate risk. As such, the product team always has exciting improvements in the pipeline.

The new support of SSO and the addition of an integration manager are part of a larger push by our product team to enhance Dealpath for enterprise-level businesses. Next steps include an exponential increase in upload speeds and the addition of Gantt charts and other visualizations designed to maximize productivity.

$100 billion worth of deals have already been evaluated on the Dealpath platform, and we’re committed to continue finding newer, better ways to deliver value to our customers.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. You can reach us at, and be sure to stay tuned for future product updates!


Chris Makarsky



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