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Listen Now: The Propcast featuring Dealpath’s Mike Sroka

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Out now — The Propcast, featuring Dealpath! Listen to Dealpath CEO and Co-Founder, Mike Sroka, discuss deals and investments within proptech alongside Blackstone’s Managing Director, John Fitzpatrick. The industry leaders discuss the history of Dealpath and the impact it has for global real estate investment teams, especially following the massive move to work from home following the onset of the global coronavirus pandemic.

The Propcast is hosted by Louisa Dickens, Co-Founder of LMRE, the leading Global PropTech recruiter and is brought to you in partnership with UK PropTech Association. The UK PropTech Association is a membership organization to drive the digital transformation of the property industry.

Quotes from the episode include the following:

“The past five or six months have been a catalyst for our industry’s digital transformation. Centralized data that is globally accessible has never been more important.” – Mike Sroka, Dealpath CEO

“Investing is a game of connecting the dots and whoever can connect the dots and tell the best picture and have an information advantage typically wins.” – John Fitzpatrick, Blackstone Managing Director

“Real estate is a local business and institutional capital is global. From the beginning, an assumption of ours is that this is global business and we have to build out a solution that works well for that dynamic asset class.” – Mike Sroka, Dealpath CEO

Hear the full episode of The Propcast and be sure to rate and review on Apple Podcasts!

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