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Pragmatic in a Time of Uncertainty

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Mike Sroka, CEO & Co-Founder


Dealpath hopes that you, your family, your teams, and community are healthy and safe in these unusual times. 

We’re impressed by the thoughtful responses we’re seeing in this trying business environment, with top real estate investment firms adjusting with agility, resilience, and opportunities.

Given the unique challenges of these uncertain times, Dealpath has prepared a summary of best practices and recommendations:

Maintain Business Continuity

We’re observing impacts differing by region, business strategy, and team, all the way to families and individuals. We are all affected through our own circumstances. It’s critical for protecting enterprise value to have centralized data that is globally accessible, institutional grade data security, and collaboration across teams, partners, and systems.

Empower Remote Work

It is proving challenging to forecast global health issues and prevention measures with accuracy. Of the many things this impacts, perhaps most noticeable across the industry is no longer having the ability to meet in person, travel and visit properties, and attend industry events. With changes in the business environment, teams can adjust to enable capabilities for remote work, evolve processes, and establish new ways of collaborating with best-in-class tools.

Execute Portfolio Repositions & Investment Opportunities 

The next 12 months are certain to bring change for nearly every investment manager. Understanding the performance of your portfolio and strategy with speed and precision is critical. Visibility into underwriting and the ability to execute on investment opportunities will drive optimal risk-adjusted returns.

Our Customer Success and Sales teams are always happy to walk through specific use cases with you, share detailed best practices and both train and re-train teammates.

Please let us know if we can be helpful and take care!

Mike Sroka, CEO & Co-Founder



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