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3 Strategies to Boost Deal Velocity And Grow Your Portfolio of AUM

Closing even a few more deals each year drives meaningful portfolio growth. But to act on deals before the competition, your firm must build data-driven efficiencies when identifying, vetting and proving these investment opportunities.

Drive Exponential Portfolio Growth By Accelerating Deal Flow & Closing 154% More Deals

In this e-book, you’ll learn how leading real estate institutional investors have executed transactions with greater speed, precision and conviction by leveraging purpose-built deal management software:

  • Build Strategic Efficiencies to Reduce the Deal Lifecycle: Expedite each leg of the pipeline process with powerful tools and centralized data
  • Scale Your Pipeline By Evaluating More Deals: Screen deals faster and more efficiently, building greater investment optionality
  • Streamline Leadership and Investment Committee Approvals: Back your investment thesis with real-time data and clear visualizations

Download the ebook now to learn how industry leaders have scaled portfolio growth with actionable data at their fingertips.

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These 7 proven strategies give you the tools to streamline your deals, boost productivity, and minimize errors. Equipped with these innovative techniques, you won’t just be able to keep pace with your peer — you’ll be in prime position to outperform them.

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Translating raw CRE data into insights can prove challenging, and it won't always provide an actionable path forward. Watch this on-demand webinar to hear Cassie Strouse, Dealpath's Strategic Solutions Consultant, outline how an industrial logistics firm quadrupled its AUM while only doubling headcount.

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