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IMN Real Estate Panel: Unpacking What’s Next For CRE Investors

Unpacking What’s Next For CRE Investors

During the latest IMN Real Estate Opportunity and Private Fund Investing Forum, a panel of commercial real estate and proptech experts discussed how the industry is responding to new norms and an uncertain road ahead:

-Joe Moskowitz, Director of Business Development and Strategic Solutions at Dealpath
-Michael Daurio, Managing Director and Head of Capital Markets at AMIP Management
-Jon Land, Manager of RE Sales at AvidXChange
-L.D. Salmanson, CEO & Co-Founder at Cherre (Host)

Transactions have reached pre-pandemic levels, a strong indicator that the market is rife with opportunity. Some pandemic-related changes have taken their place as new norms in the commercial real estate industry, while others have faded with restrictions. Now, investors must contend with the difficult question of what’s next in developing a strategic investment strategy.

The Future of Commercial Real Estate: Corralling Data for Predictive Insights

The panelists spoke about a number of pressing questions investors are facing:

-How can investors perform more robust, sophisticated analyses and connect disparate data sources to evaluate their investment hypotheses?
-Are commercial real estate investment management firms poised to respond to continuous market fluctuations in a way that’s fast, efficient, direct and data-driven?
-With eCommerce continuing to take the spotlight over retail, what will the future of retail look like? And what does that mean for investors focused on this traditionally profitable asset class?
-What does the future hold for gateway cities like New York and San Francisco, with workers flocking to suburbia?

Watch the full presentation by filling out the form and learn how you can best adapt with the changing real estate market.

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