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Key Differences between CRM and Real Estate Deal Management

Building a purposeful tech stack is a top priority for institutional investors, but new solutions have enabled deal teams to invest with speed and precision. 

Driving Maximum Portfolio Value & Building Efficiencies With Deal Management Software

CRMs–customer relationship management tools–are no longer a catch-all solution for deal tracking. In today’s fast-paced market, leading deal teams rely on deal management software to collaboratively manage their pipelines, while managing contacts and sales data in CRMS:

  • The differences between CRM software and deal management software: understand why relying on sales-focused software in a vacuum significantly limits the potential of deal teams
  • Why deal management software is essential in today’s market: learn how leading deal teams outperform competitors by centralizing deal pipeline, tasks, files, data and more
  • How to build a goal-oriented tech stack: Discover how firms unlock new value by leveraging both types of software for their intended purposes

Deploying the right software for the right purpose can add meaningful value across the real estate firm. Learn more about the differences between CRMs and deal management software–and how each fulfills critical goals–by downloading this white paper.

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