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Real Estate’s Tech Boom: Why It’s Time for a Deal Management Solution

To make multi-million dollar investment decisions in today’s market, deal teams can’t rely on emails, spreadsheets and physical documents.

How Institutional Investors Scale Portfolio Growth With Purpose-Built Software

After adopting deal management software, one of the top 20 real estate investment managers evaluated 194% more deals than the previous year, ultimately closing 154% more.

In this eBook, you’ll learn why Oxford Properties, Blackstone, Nuveen and and firms of all sizes have turned to deal management software as the command center to source, manage and execute deals in one platform:

  • Grow Top-Line Revenue: Scale portfolio growth by evaluating and closing more deals
  • Improve Operational Efficiency: Collaborate more effectively in a cloud-based tool with centralized data and standardized, repeatable workflows
  • Make Data Your Competitive Advantage: Slice and dice data with intuitive analytics to screen deals faster and make decisions earlier
  • Enhance Real-Time Pipeline Visibility: Keep a constant pulse on pipeline activity with real-time dashboards and automated reporting

To deploy capital efficiently in a fast-moving market, deal teams must align around real-time, vetted data and information. Download the eBook now to learn more about how firms of all sizes rely on deal management software to systematize data-driven decisions and drive top-line growth. 

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In the latest Commercial Observer Power Briefing, Mike Sroka, Dealpath’s CEO, sat down with Colin Apple and Holden Latimer of Bridge Investment Group to discuss their team’s move from storing data in spreadsheets to a cloud-based solution--and the new doors it opened for their fast-growing investment portfolio.


Some firms have put their pencils down, while others have found resilience in dynamic, data-driven strategies. In this webinar, you’ll learn how industry-leading CRE institutional investors of all sizes and strategies are weathering the storm–while preparing to accelerate as opportunities emerge.

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