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Dealpath uses third-party sub-processors to support the delivery of Dealpath services. We maintain a list of such processors on this page. As per Dealpath’s Data Protection Addendum, if the customer wants to receive notifications of new sub-processors, the customer must contact Dealpath in writing to request to be notified.

We will update this list at least 15 days before authorizing any new such processor to process the customer’s personal data and notify the customer by sending an email to the Notification email address or via the Administrative Console within Dealpath Services. You may object to a sub-processor change by notifying us within 10 days of getting notification and describing your reasons to object. Objections may be sent to


Dealpath Sub-Processors

Name of Subprocessor Link Description of Processing Country Location(s)
Amazon Web Services Cloud hosting services United States
Box A cloud-native document management platform United States
Mixpanel Analytics platform used for website optimization United States
Fullstory Analytics tool used to help troubleshoot issues United States
Domo A data integration, aggregation, transformation, governance and visualization platform to support faster, easier business intelligence reporting. United States

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