AI is rapidly unlocking new value in the real estate industry and empowering investment professionals to maximize the impact of their work.

Dealpath is investing in an extensive suite of AI-powered capabilities that further enhance deal screening, underwriting, due diligence, IC reporting, and portfolio insights.

  • AI-Powered-Search

    AI-Powered Search: Dealpath’s Global Search capability, including full document search, automatically associates terms and information to instantly bring the most accurate results. Users can now access all of their deal documents and every data field through a smart search interface. The information they need is just a search away, maximizing time savings with quick discovery and navigation to the most relevant task.

  • AI-Powered-Offering

    AI-Powered Offering Memorandum Abstraction (Beta): Dealpath Data Ingestion (DDI) has been supercharged with AI to extract key data fields from Deal Flyers and Offering Memorandums to create new deals. Jump start underwriting and comp analysis with high accuracy and measured in minutes rather than hours or days. Build a rich database of comps, save thousands of hours of manual input and allow professionals to focus on real value-add work.

  • AI-Powered-Investment

    AI-Powered Investment Summary & Memo Generation (Coming Soon): Dealpath’s Investment Summary & Memo Generation leverages generative AI to interpret the contents of Deal Flyers and Offering Memorandums to instantly generate a clear, concise summary highlighting the merits of a deal and risks to mitigate. This facilitates rapid identification of opportunities aligned with investment strategy for both senior executives and their investment teams to drive operational effectiveness and institutional knowledge.

To learn how your firm can maximize value creation and strengthen its competitive advantage with AI-powered deal management, schedule a meeting.