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February Product Update

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February was a busy month at Dealpath. We’ve added several huge upgrades to the Dealpath platform, including the next evolution of the Dealpath API, a new widget for managing properties, a vastly improved file-viewing experience, and much more.

Dealpath API 

The latest version of the Dealpath API is now live! The upgrade introduces the ability to pull data from external systems onto the Dealpath platform. Current customers can use this to programmatically pull information from asset management platforms (like Yardi or MRI) or pull market data from third-party data providers.

Export Upgrades

You have two new options for exporting the Deal Info page. You can choose to export the page to PDF in Legal or Tabloid sizes, and the exports have been enhanced with darker fonts and a cleaned-up header.

Dealpath Properties Widget

Properties Widget

We’ve added a new widget for managing properties to the Deal Info Page that shows all the properties attached to a deal. The widget can be plugged into existing templates without any extra configuration, and the information will automatically populate from the Properties page. The widget can be shown in a List or Tile view.

Streamlined Dashboard

The Map View on the Deals Dashboard is significantly more performant, with quicker load times and smoother zooming regardless of how many deals you have.

Dealpath Map Upgrade

File-viewing Enhancement

Dealpath Files Upgrade

The latest version of Dealpath’s file management is faster, smoother, and more user-friendly than ever. With new “previous” and “next” options, you can now navigate to different files without having to close and reopen them. Files are also presented in a cleaner fashion, allowing you to easily view them without having to zoom in.

New Country Support

Dealpath now supports deals in South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand. When creating a deal in one of these countries, addresses will auto-complete, and Dealpath will plot the deal on Google Maps and provide a Google Street View.

If you’d like to learn more about the Dealpath platform, please reach out to or request a demo! Stay tuned for future product releases.

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