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Introducing Powerful Grouping and Export Features in Dealpath Reporting

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Chris Makarsky


We’re excited to announce major upgrades to the Dealpath Reporting page. Our recent update introduces three new features: the ability to group your reports by any list field your team has configured, support for subtotal calculations, and big improvements to our .pdf exports and subtotal capabilities.

The reporting possibilities are endless, cementing the Dealpath platform as the industry standard for real estate deal analytics. Here are just a few examples of calculations users can make with just a few clicks:

  • The average cap rate for all office deals in Texas versus Florida vs California
  • The total amount of equity allocated to all deals schedule to close in Q2 of 2019 compared to Q3 of 2019
  • The total purchase price for all acquisitions deals in the underwriting phase versus those in due diligence or closing
  • The average occupancy rate for all closed deals grouped according to their sources
  • The minimum purchase price/sqft (PSF) for all multifamily development compared to industrial acquisitions and retail financing deals


Dealpath users now have the ability to group their deals on the Reporting Page. They can choose to group their deals by any list info field in their system (Deal State, Deal Type, Property Type, etc.).


Dealpath Grouping


The Dealpath Reporting Page now has a view option that calculates subtotals for reporting groups. Previously, only “total” calculations were supported. Subtotals, like the existing “totals,” will be calculated in real time.


Dealpath Subtotal Reporting


PDF Exports

In addition, PDF exports are much more powerful now. They contain the same grouping and subtotals now available on the Reporting Page, and for the first time, they can be exported in Legal (8.5×14”) and Tabloid (11×17”) in addition to the traditional Letter (8.5×11”). The improved export provides even more ways for teams to export fields and deals onto a single sheet.


Dealpath PDF Exports


Taken together, the new features on the Dealpath Reporting Page have given Dealpath customers unprecedented insights into their deal data. The upgrade is in line with Dealpath’s goal to help investment teams optimize returns and make the best investment decisions.

To see the new Reporting Page in action, please request a demo and one of our experts will be in contact shortly. If you’re already a customer, login now to see for yourself.

Chris Makarsky



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