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Automated Deal Tracking

The Rise of Automated Deal Tracking

Guarantees are hard to come by in real estate. Even with the most sophisticated technology in place, there’s always a risk of human error. The job of the real estate investor, however, is to minimize risk and create as airtight a process as possible. New, automated deal tracking technology keeps teams performing in lock-step and […]

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Deal analytics in real estate

The Power of Deal Analytics and Automated Reporting

It’s safe to say that eliminating mundane activities is fairly high on the list of priorities for real estate investors. Few tasks are more mundane than manual data entry and manual reporting on deal analytics. Creating and updating reports are ubiquitous, never-ending tasks in commercial real estate. Every week, every month, every quarter you have […]

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Real estate cloud platforms

Cloud Nine: Why Real Estate Investors are Embracing the Cloud

The work of the modern real estate investor isn’t limited to the office. Far from it. Decisions need to be made on the fly, whether from 30,000 feet in the air or in an Uber on your way to an on-site property evaluation. That’s why real estate cloud platforms are being adopted at a previously […]

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Collaboration in real estate

How to Achieve Frictionless Collaboration in Real Estate

Effective, efficient, and smart collaboration are critical to the success of any real estate deal. You have to coordinate seamlessly between team members and a host of third parties, including attorneys, brokers, consultants, architects, escrow officers, and more. For successful collaboration in real estate, all parties need to be in constant communication and performing in lock-step. […]

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Structured Deal Data

Why Real Estate Professionals Need Structured Deal Data

Data is the lifeblood of the real estate industry. From comps and cap rates to leasing data and market trends, data is at the heart of any real estate decision. The success of an investor or developer, therefore, depends on the quality of that data. That’s why structured deal data has become a necessity for […]

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How to streamline a real estate deal

Rinse and Repeat: How to Streamline Real Estate Deals

The details of every deal are unique, and each transaction carries a life of its own. However, while the properties are distinct, the process you go through to acquire or develop these assets often follows a similar pattern. From sourcing and underwriting through due diligence and closing, the steps are generally predictable. There’s no need […]

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Dealpath sits down for a Realcomm Interview

Mike Sroka’s Exclusive Realcomm Interview

Dealpath CEO Mike Sroka sat down for an exclusive Realcomm interview. He spoke about the state of real estate technology and the rise of deal management. Dealpath, he explains, is the leading deal management platform for investment teams involved in the acquisition, development, and financing of commercial property. There was a lot of buzz about […]

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Dealpath countries include Singapore

Dealpath Goes Global, Now Supports 16 Countries

Many of the bigger firms we support at Dealpath have multinational teams that actively acquire, develop, and finance real estate transactions around the world. Our latest product update enables these firms, as well domestic firms looking to expand their global footprint, to now manage deals across 16 countries. The update helps deliver on Dealpath’s mission […]

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Dealpath API

Dealpath Opens Third Party API to Further Expand Solutions for Real Estate Investment Teams

Dealpath has opened its third-party API providing customers and partners with convenient, real-time access to their data. Dealpath’s platform is designed for interoperability with other leading software systems and provides unprecedented flexibility for institutional real estate investment teams. This new capability addresses the growing need for firms to deploy modern tech stacks comprised of best-of-breed […]

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Deals Dashboard Upgrade

Dealpath Introduces Esri Support for Canada and 3x Faster Upload Speeds

At Dealpath, we work closely with our customers and their deal teams to continually improve our product, and we’re going to start highlight some of those improvements going forward in our new “Product Updates” series. Last week, we launched Esri support for Canada, we boosted our file upload speeds by 300%, and we enabled “multi-select” […]

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