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[White Paper] Real Estate Tech Stack – Build vs. Buy Analysis With Exclusive Insights

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Crysline Kuan


As the real estate industry is in the midst of a technology adoption wave and digital transformation, your firm is likely actively evaluating the best software solutions to stay ahead of the game.

A common and inevitable question with critical implications is – Do we buy a software solution “off-the-shelf” or build it custom in-house?

To help understand and demystify the complex considerations, we partnered with Andreea Panetta, an experienced real estate investment management consultant, to create this downloadable white paper containing learnings and best practices for evaluating software solutions, and a matrix that highlights the key differences between build vs. buy.

Andreea Panetta is an accomplished real estate finance, accounting, technology, and operations executive with 18 years of experience in real estate investment management, consulting, and auditing at Waypoint Residential, RealFoundations, AIG Global Real Estate, Deloitte, and Arthur Andersen. As a solutions-focused team player, she has led and been closely involved with numerous strategic projects, evaluations, and deployments.

Crysline Kuan



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