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Optimize the Homebuilding Lifecycle in One Source of Truth

homebuilders lifecycle

For homebuilders, managing the complexities of building new homes is challenging due to data silos, regulations and regional or localized strategies. Selecting, building and delivering a profitable community in the competitive homebuilder market requires a thoughtful strategy, meticulous planning and calculated execution.   Deal management software has unlocked a vital competitive advantage for homebuilders in today’s […]

25 Commercial Real Estate & Technology Trends to Know in 2024

commercial real estate trends

This blog post was last updated on April 17, 2024 with new information about the latest commercial real estate trends. Evolving conditions have forced investment managers to keep a close eye on global, regional and local trends. Falling valuations, high costs of capital and global volatility have left a lasting impact on the commercial real […]

What is Loan to Value Ratio ? [LTV Formula & Definition]

what is loan to value ratio

The loan to value ratio is a measurement of an investment’s risk found by dividing the loan amount by the appraised value. In this blog post, we’ll break down what the loan to value ratio is, how to calculate it, why it matters for CRE lenders, and what makes a good LTV. What Is the […]

13 Tips To Kickstart 2024 on Dealpath

kick start 2022 dealpath

This blog post was last updated on Tuesday, January 9th.  In 2024, investor expectations are higher than ever as all eyes turn to data-driven decision making and prudent risk management. Simultaneously, many firms are bracing for a wave of opportunity by keeping their ears to the ground for market activity to build a proprietary deal […]

3 Reasons to Adopt Real Estate Deal Management Software

deal management

This blog post was last updated on Wednesday, November 29th. In today’s digital-first world of proptech, emails, spreadsheets and physical documents simply can’t offer the accuracy or agility required by modern deal teams. Speed, precision and scale can make the difference between capturing emerging opportunities and following the market’s lead. Real estate deal management software […]

How to Find Commercial Real Estate Cap Rates (Formula)

commercial real estate cap rate

This blog post was last updated on October 11th, 2023. One lens through which investment managers evaluate a new deal is calculating its commercial real estate cap rate. The commercial real estate cap rate of a property offers a glimpse into the risk and return. This helps investors to understand the deal’s risk profile compared […]

How to Build a Commercial Real Estate Comps Database With OMs [Guide]

commercial real estate comps

This blog post was last updated on Wednesday, September 13th. Investor intuition and market knowledge are invaluable as your firm evaluates deals, but data must be the bedrock of multi-million dollar investment decisions. Every real estate offering memorandum (OM) you review can add value to your investment decision-making–and more broadly, your institutional data advantage– in […]

What is Net Operating Income in Real Estate: NOI Formula & More

net operating income noi real estate

This blog post was last updated on Wednesday, September 6th. Thoughtful investment decisions call for thorough, diligent screenings to ensure that the deal pencils out. Naturally, the profit a property or portfolio generates is top of mind for institutional investors evaluating deals. Among others like IRR and cap rates, one of the most critical metrics […]

5 Ways to Eliminate Emails and Skip Meetings With Custom Notifications

custom notifications blog header

This blog post was last updated on Wedensday, August 23rd. Before you can prioritize the most work on your plate, you need to know which deals require your attention. However, without the right information, prioritizing can become a task in and of itself. Dealpath’s custom notifications feature allows you to easily stay up-to-date on every […]

3 Tips to Conquer CRE Development Supply Chain Challenges in Dealpath

development supply chains

Commercial property insurance costs have increased by 10% year-over-year, while experts anticipate high borrowing costs could cause a construction slowdown, even as the Fed continues rate hikes. All the while, developers continue to navigate real estate supply chain bottlenecks and rampant inflation, stalling project deliveries and profitability. While these challenges are here to stay, there […]

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