Self-Storage Real Estate Investing: Understanding the Opportunity

self storage investing

As the pandemic, remote work opportunities and market volatility have driven many Americans to relocate, one niche real estate opportunity has exploded: self-storage investments. According to, 9.4% of US households had a self-storage unit as of 2017. Storage Cafe’s report shows that roughly 38% of Americans either have or plan to utilize a storage […]

Class A Vs. B. Vs. C Buildings: Commercial Real Estate Property Guide

commercial real estate property class a, b and c

This blog post was last updated on Wednesday, November 16th. Commercial real estate buildings vary drastically when it comes to condition, amenities, age, proximity to city centers and other factors. That’s why commercial real estate investors classify properties into Class A, Class B and Class C based on these factors, and more broadly, the investment’s […]

Introducing Power Search: Find Deal Information Faster & More Precisely

power search launch banner

High-volume deal makers evaluate hundreds or thousands of deals every month, adding to their ever-growing databases of closed and dead deals. But surfacing the right information–at the precise moment that you’re screening, underwriting or reviewing a lucrative new opportunity–is key to outperforming competitors. If you can’t act on competitive intelligence in real time, then is […]

Accelerating Commercial Real Estate Underwriting: 5 Evaluation Tips

commercial real estate underwriting

Underwriting commercial real estate deals carefully–yet quickly–is vital in building a competitive advantage in a fast-paced market. To react to new opportunities with speed and precision, industry leaders rely on centralized, vetted data from one command center. The ability to instantly surface data or commercial real estate underwriting models based on various scenarios creates meaningful […]

Navigating The CRE Labor Shortage: How to Make Tech a Hiring Tool

cre labor shortage

Despite two consecutive quarters of negative growth in 2022, experts are split on whether the economy is technically in a recession. Rising prices, tightening monetary policy, and supply chain disruptions are sounding alarms. However, businesses are also faced with another challenge typically uncharacteristic of an economic slowdown: labor shortages.  September estimates pointed to 11 million […]

What Is Proptech? Understanding Commercial Real Estate Technology

what is proptech

This blog post was last updated on Wednesday, October 26th. It’s no surprise that real estate, as the world’s largest asset class, offers ample opportunity for institutional investors and individuals willing to pursue it. Even as new trends emerge, like the shift to remote and hybrid working, real estate maintains its importance as a fixture […]

How to Build a Commercial Real Estate Comps Database With OMs [Guide]

commercial real estate comps

This blog post was last updated on Tuesday, October 25th. Investor intuition and market trends are invaluable as your firm evaluates deals to find the best ones, but data must be the bedrock of multi-million dollar investment decisions. Every real estate offering memorandum (OM) you review can add value to your investment decision-making in the […]

Real Estate Reporting Software: 8 Insights You’re Missing Without It

real estate reporting software

Real estate reporting software is the modern solution to the painstaking process of analyzing your critical investment data. Instead of sifting through folders and spreadsheets, real estate reporting software ensures your data is accurate, accessible and actionable. Deeper and clearer visibility can empower your firm to analyze deals and, more broadly, overarching pipeline and portfolio […]

21 Commercial Real Estate & Technology Trends to Know in 2023

commercial real estate trends

This blog post was last updated on October 18, 2022 with new information about the latest commercial real estate trends. While the post-pandemic recovery saw record levels of funding and robust investment volume, numerous commercial real estate trends now point to slowing momentum. The market is facing newfound challenges and uncertainty as growth slows and […]

The Definitive Real Estate Due Diligence Checklist (And How to Digitize It)

real estate due diligence checklist

This blog post was last updated on Wednesday, October 12th. Before finalizing a new acquisition, development, disposition or lending deal, the due diligence process allows investors to thoroughly vet the deal, ensure that it aligns with their investment strategy, and identify any potential red flags. A thorough due diligence process acts as the final buffer […]

Single Family Home Rentals: Why Investors Are Chasing Suburbia

single family home rentals

Single family home rentals represent the fastest-growing sector of the American housing market. Once dominated by small “mom-and-pop” shops and individuals, the single family rental space has now garnered the attention of large-scale institutional investors, which have traditionally been focused on core asset classes like retail, office, and multifamily. In recent years, these giants have […]

What is Net Operating Income in Real Estate: NOI Formula & More

net operating income noi real estate

Thoughtful investment decisions call for thorough, diligent screenings to ensure that the deal pencils out. Naturally, the profit a property or portfolio generates is top of mind for institutional investors, particularly for long-term acquisitions. Among others like IRR and cap rates, one of the most critical metrics investors use to gauge the profitability of a […]