How to Build a Commercial Real Estate Comps Database With OMs [Guide]

commercial real estate comps

This blog post was last updated on Tuesday, October 25th. Investor intuition and market trends are invaluable as your firm evaluates deals to find the best ones, but data must be the bedrock of multi-million dollar investment decisions. Every real estate offering memorandum (OM) you review can add value to your investment decision-making in the […]

Real Estate Reporting Software: 8 Insights You’re Missing Without It

real estate reporting software

Real estate reporting software is the modern solution to the painstaking process of analyzing your critical investment data. Instead of sifting through folders and spreadsheets, real estate reporting software ensures your data is accurate, accessible and actionable. Deeper and clearer visibility can empower your firm to analyze deals and, more broadly, overarching pipeline and portfolio […]

21 Commercial Real Estate & Technology Trends to Know in 2023

commercial real estate trends

This blog post was last updated on October 18, 2022 with new information about the latest commercial real estate trends. While the post-pandemic recovery saw record levels of funding and robust investment volume, numerous commercial real estate trends now point to slowing momentum. The market is facing newfound challenges and uncertainty as growth slows and […]

The Definitive Real Estate Due Diligence Checklist (And How to Digitize It)

real estate due diligence checklist

This blog post was last updated on Wednesday, October 12th. Before finalizing a new acquisition, development, disposition or lending deal, the due diligence process allows investors to thoroughly vet the deal, ensure that it aligns with their investment strategy, and identify any potential red flags. A thorough due diligence process acts as the final buffer […]

Single Family Home Rentals: Why Investors Are Chasing Suburbia

Single family home rentals represent the fastest-growing sector of the American housing market. Once dominated by small “mom-and-pop” shops and individuals, the single family rental space has now garnered the attention of large-scale institutional investors, which have traditionally been focused on core asset classes like retail, office, and multifamily. In recent years, these giants have […]

What is Net Operating Income in Real Estate: NOI Formula & More

net operating income noi real estate

Thoughtful investment decisions call for thorough, diligent screenings to ensure that the deal pencils out. Naturally, the profit a property or portfolio generates is top of mind for institutional investors, particularly for long-term acquisitions. Among others like IRR and cap rates, one of the most critical metrics investors use to gauge the profitability of a […]

Introducing Custom Notifications: Automate Deal Communications

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Before you can prioritize the most important and lucrative deals in your pipeline, you need to know which deals require your attention. However, knowing which deals require your attention at any given time can be challenging—especially as your pipeline grows. Now, custom notifications, a new Dealpath feature, allows you to easily stay up-to-date on every […]

2023 Commercial Real Estate Outlook: Inflation & Opportunity

The CRE market typically follows the broader market’s lead when it comes to health and opportunity, but early signs show things may not be that simple for the 2023 commercial real estate outlook. Investors will remain cautious, yet determined to succeed, even as rampant inflation, interest rate spikes, work-from-home, and ongoing global economic volatility force […]

What’s a Qualified Opportunity Zone? Understanding Tax Advantages

Institutional investors follow varying strategies based on their goals, risk tolerance and market expertise, with the ultimate goal of driving the highest risk-adjusted returns. In recent years, qualified opportunity zones have emerged as a way for investors to grow their portfolios while aiding in the development of communities. In this article, we’ll explain what a […]

Task Management in Dealpath: 5 Simple Tactics to Execute At Scale

Closing a higher volume of deals is key to growing your portfolio and outperforming competitors, but doing so is challenging. How can you effectively scale when every deal requires a significant time commitment across your team? Ultimately, building operational efficiencies is a vital step toward achieving the speed and scale that all teams strive for. […]

Top 8 Commercial Real Estate Databases & Data Sources [Investors]

commercial real estate database

The quality, breadth and depth of your data, as well as how you manage it, directly impacts your investment deal team’s performance. It’s no longer efficient to rely on data stored in spreadsheets or manually search for comps. Instead, a real estate database can help you source critical commercial real estate data for more comprehensive […]

3 Reasons to Adopt Real Estate Deal Management Software

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This blog post was last updated on Thursday, August 4th. In a market where speed and scale mean everything, your firm’s deal team needs to be able to react to new opportunities quickly, thoughtfully and strategically. Unfortunately, old-school communication methods like spreadsheets, emails, physical documents and phone calls rarely convey the information investors need to […]