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Tune In: Dealpath & REFI Webinar

Happening this week: Dealpath’s CEO and co-founder, Mike Sroka, will join industry experts to discuss technology in the property market as a part of REFI’s Global webinar, titled “Technology in the property market.” The webinar will be hosted by Anna-Marie Beal, Reporter at REFI Global. Panelists include Robbert Heekelaar, Vice President of  IT Architecture and Emerging Technologies […]

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9 Hours in the Life of a Managing Director: Before & After Dealpath

Have you ever wondered what life is like without the messy spreadsheets and scattered lists of tasks and timelines? You may have even seen the term “Modern Real Estate Deal Management” before, but never quite understood how it can improve your day-to-day. Take a look at our infographic now to get a glimpse into the world […]

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PropTech in 2019 skyline

Five Predictions for PropTech in 2019

The past several years have proven time and again that real estate technology is delivering material value to the largest asset class in the world. As a result, venture investment has skyrocketed, leading to impressive valuations as well as a dynamic and expansive ecosystem of purpose-built software solutions. In 2015, real estate technology received $1.8 […]

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Top Commercial Real Estate Events

The Best Commercial Real Estate Events for the Rest of 2018

2018 has been an extraordinary year for commercial real estate technology. An unprecedented level of venture capital has poured into the industry, and new innovations are constantly emerging. As a result, the commercial real estate events and conferences of 2018 have been some of the most exciting yet. Industry giants and newcomers alike have come […]

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Real estate cloud platforms

Cloud Nine: Why Real Estate Investors are Embracing the Cloud

The work of the modern real estate investor isn’t limited to the office. Far from it. Decisions need to be made on the fly, whether from 30,000 feet in the air or in an Uber on your way to an on-site property evaluation. That’s why real estate cloud platforms are being adopted at a previously […]

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Structured Deal Data

Why Real Estate Professionals Need Structured Deal Data

Data is the lifeblood of the real estate industry. From comps and cap rates to leasing data and market trends, data is at the heart of any real estate decision. The success of an investor or developer, therefore, depends on the quality of that data. That’s why structured deal data has become a necessity for […]

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Dealpath sits down for a Realcomm Interview

Mike Sroka’s Exclusive Realcomm Interview

Dealpath CEO Mike Sroka sat down for an exclusive Realcomm interview. He spoke about the state of real estate technology and the rise of deal management. Dealpath, he explains, is the leading deal management platform for investment teams involved in the acquisition, development, and financing of commercial property. There was a lot of buzz about […]

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Bedrock Real Estate

How Dan Gilbert and Bedrock Detroit Real Estate Rebuilt the Motor City

In 2013, Detroit filed for bankruptcy, the largest of its kind in U.S. history. Five years later and the Motor City is in the midst of a renaissance. The speed and scale of the recovery are virtually unprecedented. At the center of this transformation are Dan Gilbert and his Bedrock Detroit Real Estate team; leaders […]

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CRE News Sources

The Top Sources For CRE News

With major M&A activity in commercial real estate, the rise of coworking and real estate blockchain, and the influx of new CRE tech companies, the CRE industry is in the midst of an transformation. It takes a special individual to keep pace, to stay relevant, and consistently provide helpful insights. Thankfully, the CRE community is […]

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CRE Investing 2018

The State of CRE Investing in 2018: Analysis of the PwC Report

Commercial real estate (CRE) investing is entering a critical phase, according to the recently released PwC and ULI report. Emerging Trends in Real Estate: The Global Outlook 2018 is an excellent resource that deserves to be read cover-to-cover. The report analyzes the most prominent forces in global real estate, but at Dealpath we’re primarily concerned […]

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