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Formatted real estate data

Why Data Formatting is Almost as Important as the Data Itself

Real estate data is only valuable to the extent that it’s used. Data presented in an intimidating and uninviting format is likely to be glossed over or thrown out entirely. The presentation of your data, therefore, can be just as important as the data itself. Formatted real estate data has become an essential tool for […]

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Automated Deal Tracking

The Rise of Automated Deal Tracking

Guarantees are hard to come by in real estate. Even with the most sophisticated technology in place, there’s always a risk of human error. The job of the real estate investor, however, is to minimize risk and create as airtight a process as possible. New, automated deal tracking technology keeps teams performing in lock-step and […]

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Deal analytics in real estate

The Power of Deal Analytics and Automated Reporting

It’s safe to say that eliminating mundane activities is fairly high on the list of priorities for real estate investors. Few tasks are more mundane than manual data entry and manual reporting on deal analytics. Creating and updating reports are ubiquitous, never-ending tasks in commercial real estate. Every week, every month, every quarter you have […]

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CRE Tech Tools

CRE Firms Can Increase Productivity and Accuracy by Leveraging New Tools

In today’s commercial real estate environment, teams are prospecting tens, if not hundreds of deals and are in the process of acquiring or developing multiple properties at any given time. Because of the stiff competition and complex moving pieces within each deal, internal CRE tools and technology become vital to ensure all critical dates are […]

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